ISO Certified: Ventilux Awarded For Positive Environmental Action

Change starts from small steps, and here at Ventilux, we’re committed to finding ways to reduce and optimize energy for our environment. 

Being in the manufacturing technology industry, we understand how impactful our production and distribution of lighting solutions are to the environment, that’s why we’ve established practices within our organization to ensure a reduced environmental footprint.

We call these practices Environmental Aspects. These are our pragmatic ways to mitigate waste and create positive environmental impacts.

Examples of these practices include the following:

  • Water Usage: Make sure we don’t waste water and keep the faucet closed when not in use. This small yet impactful gesture is important. If we don’t monitor and conserve our water usage, we could end up wasting this critical resource.


  • Correct Recycling: Being active in segregating litter makes sure that waste isn’t disposed of incorrectly. Imagine the negative impact of a recyclable material into a landfill – this is an occurrence that we at Ventlix prevent from happening.


Coupled with our legal, social, and corporate responsibilities, these listed practices help in reducing the carbon footprint and environmental damage, from production down to the consumer’s end.

We are delighted to receive the ISO 14001:2015 Certificate for our environmental efforts here at Ventilux. We further commit to implementing our principles and practices in helping our environment for the benefit of our shareholders, employees, consumers and our community.

The ISO 14001:2015 standard provides a framework that helps organizations manage and reduce their environmental impact, enhance their environmental performance, and ensure compliance with relevant environmental regulations.